Everything It Takes to Self-Host a Ghost Blog with DigitalOcean

I use a custom setup to run both of my blogs, Exception Not Found and Read-Aloud Corner. For these sites, I use Ghost as my blogging engine, and it has been a joy to use. But because I self-host both of my blogs, the setup to do so was not simple or intuitive, and I ended up spending a lot of time and effort getting these blogs up and running because there was no single tutorial for my situation. Server... Read more >

Creating a Post Archive with the Ghost API and jQuery

I've long been missing an important feature in Ghost, my blog publishing platform: there's no inherent feature to create a post archive, or a list of all my posts in one place. I've gotten several requests for this feature, so I finally decided to just sit down and develop it using the Ghost Public API and a tiny bit of jQuery. What follows is how I built my post archive the first time around. I have since replaced it with... Read more >

Using Ghost's Public API to Select Five Random Posts

One of the changes I made recently to this site is the addition of the "Five Random Posts" area on the left sidebar. Here's a screenshot in case I decide to change my layout later: I use Ghost as my blogging engine, and recently they've unveiled a public API that allows theme users to query Ghost's data to retrieve posts, tags, authors and such. I've long wanted a feature on my blog to highlight some of my previous... Read more >