Fixing SQL Server Spatial "Not a Valid Instance of Geography" Errors in C#

The project we're working on needs the ability for a user to define a polygon on a map, like this: Then, we need to save that defined polygon as a SQL Geography type in our database, which we access using Entity Framework. EF supports the DbGeography type, so we are using that to actually send the polygons to the database. NOTE: for this post, the database server is SQL Server 2008 R2, though I am not sure if the error... Read more >

Geocoding with Bing Maps REST Services in .NET

A major project we're working on in my team (which I've alluded to before) requires that we implement geocoding for a given address. This means that, given a valid address, we should have the ability to find that address latitude and longitude coordinates so that we can store those values in our database. Winkel triple projection by Strebe, used under license I've dealt with geocoding before, but never in a .NET server-side application and never using Bing Maps REST services,... Read more >