A Simple Organization for ASP.NET Web API Producer/Consumer Apps

My team regularly writes ASP.NET Web API projects which have multiple consumers, and oftentimes we also write at least one of said consumers. To accomplish this, we often invoke a project layout and architecture that doesn't seem terribly obvious to newcomers to my group. I hope to better explain myself as to why this project organization works in this post (so I can just say, "Hey, new guy, lookie here!" and point them at this post.) Sample Architecture So,... Read more >

"Simpler" Is Subjective: How Bad Assumptions About Architecture Kicked My Ass

I'm doing some heavy refactoring on a project that I've recently joined but that has been underway for months. The code is a mishmash of different styles and an uncertain architecture, so my task up to this point has been to make it more consistent, testable, and readable. One of the issues I was tasked with was improving the data access layer. The system was using a pattern known as Repository for its data access layer, and the individual Repositories... Read more >