Mapping DataTables and DataRows to Objects in C# and .NET

My group regularly uses DataSet, DataTable, and DataRow objects in many of our apps. (What? Don't look at me like that. These apps are old.) Anyway, we're simultaneously trying to implement good C# and object-oriented programming principles while maintaining these old apps, so we often end up having to map data from a data set to a C# object. We did this enough times that I and a coworker (we'll call her Marlena) decided to sit down and just make... Read more >

Using T4 Templates to Generate Enums From Database Lookup Tables

The major project we've been working on had a non-unusual requirement: take these SQL database tables and convert them to enumerations we can use over a service. A quick Google search found some code that did exactly what we wanted, so of course we (ok, I) copied-and-pasted that code into our solution and BAM, it worked like a charm. Problem was, when someone asked me to explain what it did, I couldn't. I can't stand not understanding something, especially not... Read more >