Learn or Die: Warding Off My Coding Career's Eventual Obsolescence

I often give technical demos at my work about various topics, and the most recent one was an introduction to ASP.NET Core 1.0 that spawned a lot of blog posts. Overall, this class was well-received (at least I believe so, given that people keep showing up) so hopefully I'll get to continue doing these kinds of presentations. At the end of these sessions, I generally "open the floor" for comments, questions, concerns, extended discussion and the... Read more >

The Ultimate Fate of All Software

Some realizations come slowly, but some hit you like a freight train. I had one of those this week while working on the latest change to the PAE system we've worked so hard on. It was a good change, one I was happy to implement and am sure the customers will want and use. So why was I so down? I couldn't place the source of my worry. I love my job; I get to teach and learn every day.... Read more >